An Exercise in Futility

Welcome to my 1st grade classroom library.

Welcome to my 1st grade classroom library.

As a ten-year veteran teacher, you’d think that my classroom library would have reached some semblance of order amongst the controlled chaos of teaching first graders. But, alas, it is like grasping at straws. I’ve never counted the picture books; however, I estimate there are between too many and not enough.  Perhaps I’ve spent the GDP of some poor nation-state over the course of a decade as I seek to provide my readers with a vast selection of picture books from which to choose. Regardless, seeing a reluctant or at-risk reader happen upon a picture book of interest and pore over its pages during self-selected reading is an immensely fulfilling moment. Maintaining such a voluminous classroom library raises questions about organization, access, space, and upkeep. Here are the stats that provide insight into a 1st grade classroom library:

  • Estimated total picture-books: 2,500-3,000
  • Number of tubs: 78
  • Number of Bookshelves: 5
  • Number of wire book racks: 2
  • Number of books inaccessible to students: 110
  • Leveling: Fountas & Pinnell and Rigby PM
  • Experiencing a child reader enjoy a self-selected picture book title: Priceless

Thoughts? Comments?

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